This Means Administrative Business

So Seth pwned me. He’s at 5000 while I’m at a lowly 4100. You know what this means, don’t you?

1: Project?

That’s right, Pinky, it’s time for Web Sweeps. The goal is to get up to 5000 hits by the end of September. The prize for the 5000th hit is, of course, a shiny new Australian $1 coin.And now, let the ideas roll in for how to get 900 visitors in 17 days (which is an average of 52 visitors per day. So if you haven’t told your 51 closest friends to visit, do so now).


  1. P.S. Seth, the reason I don’t comment on your blog is because I can’t. Half of these stupid Uni computers don’t load the word verification .gif.

  2. Understood.

    I’d try to come up with ideas, but my mind is bogged down with newspaper business. We transmit to the publisher on Thursday and have a helluva lot of empty space. I may have some suggestions after.

    …but an easy solution is to submit something to the Carnival of the Godless, which always gets me visitors.

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