Vegan misconceptions

First of all, this comment, “Raising a child as a vegan is child abuse, malnutrition. I can’t believe you would post this on a public blog and not apologize. Forget about me hanging around on this blog, you’re a disgusting fuck.

C’mon people. What is it with intelligent people being completely ignorant about things they haven’t thought through?

I’m not just talking about freethinkers thinking that vegans are malnourished, it’s vegetarians that think that straight edgers are intolerant, and straight edgers that think that atheists are evil or satanic.

Come on!

Vegans are not malnourished. And vegan children would, if anything, be healthier than non-vegans (especially those kids that eat at McDonald’s. Do you know what’s in that??). What do you think your teeth are made to eat? It’s not animals. We’re basically the only primates that eat other animals and we’re only supposed to eat them when other foods aren’t available (common sense, people. How often could you kill animals and eat them before they spoiled? Eventually they’d run out, which is why the diet was mostly gathered fruits and veggies).

Do you realize that the average carnivore has an intestinal tract that is one quarter the length that ours is (relatively)? It takes Your body cannot process most of that protein and fat. It’s all rotting in your colon right now.

Yum, yum.

Seriously, people, before you accuse me of being a child abuser and a disgusting fuck, please research your info. And I’m not going to apologize– I can post whatever the hell I want. It’s the fourth part of the very first amendment to the constitution… jerkface..


  1. Pix, it’s shown that the healthiest people are the people that follow what’s recommended. So, I disagree with both the meat advocates and the vegetarians. Meat once or twice a week is the way to go. Or meat everyday, but in small helpings. And if it’s healthy, then is evolutionarily correct, and if so, then it’s not wrong in my book (for the most part).

    Just my thoughts,

  2. Agreed, from a purely nutritional aspect, meat once or twice a week would be best.

    Then again, wouldn’t it be better to plan all the calories you injest daily? And wouldn’t it be better to just condense all your food to pill form so that you received nothing you didn’t need?

    It can get complicated if you take that line of reasoning, Drew. Besides, I’m not arguing against nutrition from meat, I’m arguing against vegan nutrition not being on par with other diets (Atkin’s).

    And in any case, I’m a moral vegetarian, not a dietary one. But I do have a healthy diet…

  3. Disgusting child abuser, it’s people like you that make me want to convert to Christianity, for the brute satisfaction of condemning you to Hell. I just wish that one day you’ll realize how disgusting and wrong your feelings were, and that children do not deserve to be subjected to hardship because of your beliefs. Please never have children.

  4. Your beliefs are just like those of anti-immunization crackpots, who believe that their children should be subjected to illness and death because of their beliefs. Malnutrition and death has resulted from young children being subjected to a vegan diet. Remove yourself from the gene pool now before you subject another human being to suffering because of your beleifs, sicko.

  5. Well, I buy (or get my mum to buy) only free range poultry and only fished, not farmed fish. Cattles, in my opinion, don’t live the worst life on their way to the slaughterhouse, but I don’t eat much beef anyways, never liked it too much. And as of yet, our technology isn’t advanced enough to stick all we need into a pill. But if it was, I would so totally just take the pill (assuming it weren’t too expensive)

  6. Oooh, and in this world, nobody is willing to compromise, which is a bit sad. If you break one of your morals, it has been broken. If you eat meat once or twice a week, then you are seen no different from those huge peope that eat meat twice a day. It’s rather unfortunate.

  7. C’mon, Tremblay! Please don’t be as ignorant as the Christian Fundamentalists you dislike so.

    Kids have been hurt because of the vegan diet because their parents didn’t give them well-rounded meals, NOT because of some fault of the vegan diet in general.
    Note that kids can suffer from malnutrition from a meat-based diet too.

    It’s all in the balance.
    And if you even knew what was in the meat and cow’s milk that you’re prescribing kids, you wouldn’t think to hold your position.

    I was going to buy your book too, but never mind. I’ll not support you. I’d rather hear what other people have to say.

    As for my not being in the gene pool, I’m sure there are worse people to worry about. I at least have reasons for my convictions. You obviously don’t (and an analogy is not an argument).

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