Word Verification Goes On, Word Verification Goes Off

Hmm… I’ve been getting an awful lot of SPAM-like commenting. So far, I’ve refused to go to any of the websites listed on the count that real people wouldn’t put their website addresses up unless they just wanted hits and you know how I hate being a statistic.

But I won’t judge, at least not yet. I’ll wait until these people stop by again. Then I might visit their site and get to know them.

It’s very anti-social of me, but I don’t particularly want my site to become popular through artificial means. I’m quite anti-advertising. I figure if something is worth reading, people will read it, if not, then no.

Am I wrong in thinking that? I mean, what is an ad but an admittance that not enough people would know about something without the ad?

No, if I’m going to be recognized, it needs to be for something. Perhaps I’ll submit something to that travelling carnival I hear so much about…

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