Well, I’ve neglected you all semester because I cared more about doing a good job at work than having friends or a family or a social life or a relationship. And the posts I did that were simply me trying to explain away my love for this damned paper came back to bite me (I’d link you to them, but I don’t want to remember them, quite frankly). I made my boss cry. I feel worse than dirt.
I’m done with this. I’m through being a kid. Grow up, Carlos.

I’m shutting down my Web site, I’m through with Myspace and Facebook. No more Pix Capacitor.

I just want it all to go away.

If you want to contact me, pixel_q_styx [at] yahoo will probably be the only way to do that from now on.

Update: I take most of this post back. It sucked getting broadsided in that interview because of stuff I’d written here before, but forget that. I am un-cancelling my myspace account and renewing payment on this website.

Updated Update (6.5.6): Remember that time I posted that girl’s passport number as a joke? Ha ha, it turns out that kind of thing isn’t funny. My myspace is gone because I posted the ‘deactivate account’ link here. Ooopsie!

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  1. I’m sorry, Carlos. I’m sorry things have gotten that bad. You’re much better than dirt, Carlos! Ask any of us! Have a hug. You deserve it, despite what you may currently think. Friends are always worth a hug and some time (at least) and you are one of my friends.


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