I own this place

I might as well live in the newsroom. I spend more time here than humanly possible and have as much, if not more, knowledge– in my two and a half weeks on the job– of the paper and paper-related factoids than anyone else here.

When I do something, I take it seriously. Which is why I was so bad at doing comedy.


Anyway, my list of contributions so far:

  • A Sudoku in the Comics section.
  • Reinstating the Horoscopes.
  • Getting rid of personal classifieds whenever possible.
  • Mastering Quark XPress and Photoshop to a level unknown to even the people who work with the programs daily. Mastering the Macintosh format to the point that even the resident techie needed my help in installing a program on my computer.
  • Setting up a partnership with the other two nearby university’s newspapers.
  • Setting up a new system with the photographers so as to be able to design the pages without their immediate preferrence and to streamline the process.
  • Setting up a system with the Ad Manager through which I can do my entire job remotely.

I tell you. I will make this paper perfect before I leave.

Hell, with just personal versions of Microsoft Office, Quark, and Adobe Creative Suite, this job has paid for its lack of pay.

Update (5.5.2006): I didn’t get Microsoft Office from work, nor did I get the rest of the creative suite. And my having Quark saved us when the QLA agreement went on the fritz in April.

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