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Somehow I was compared to this guy. Now, I’m not offended, I rather like his blog, but the comparison still struck me as odd. I haven’t been political on this blog since… Well, May 6th comes to mind, but the true day would be something like… January 27th? And that wasn’t even current events. If you’re thinking of world happenings, you might have to go back to November 6th. And even that was only a philosophic appreciation of current events.

Why’d I stop?

Some archive-scroungers (Ex_cal) and long-time readers (Seth) might remember me as a rather political person back in the day. At a certain point, though, I realized that it just wasn’t worth it. My heart wasn’t in it, I could see no direct connection between my getting agitated and the root of my agitation stopping.

Then I realized that people don’t like being told they’re wrong. You might convince people in the long run, but any one-on-one conversation will always leave both sides frustrated, angry and wishing the other person would come to their senses.

People will stick with a losing side in an argument, even if they know it’s losing. Perhaps the next day they’ll change positions, but when it counts, they won’t.

It’s frustrating.

Isn’t there a second reason, Pixel?

Oh, yeah. I almost forgot. Thanks subhead.

You’re welcome.

The second reason I slowly moved away from political posts was because people started expecting things from them, me and the blog. I’d write about Hezbollah and Israel (note: I never wrote about Hezbollah and Israel) for two weeks straight and then on day 15, I’d write about how Hey Diddle Diddle makes no sense and how I’d hate to play in E.A. Diddle Arena… because I hate competitive basketball.

Point: I’m not serious all the time. And the times I’m not serious are often non-sequiturial.
Poor debators and public relations practitioners (they’re one in the same sometimes) would then use ad hominem attacks saying I shouldn’t be listened to because of the nature of my other posts.. and they’d seem right doing it.

Point’s point: The juxtaposition would lessen credibility to my serious posts and attract an unwanted audience to my silly posts (namely, people looking for serious points).

Now, I’m not going to stop being silly at times. And I’m not going to separate my posts into separate blogs (because I think that’s disingenuous as well as too difficult). So my solution was to shy away from political posts.

Was it wrong?


Didn’t you forget to say something crucial?

Oh, and I forgot to say why the person compared our blogs: she said they look similar.

Ha! Silly, Jayna obviously hasn’t checked my blog since the upgrade to user-defined colours. As if Word Press blogs could look similar in any respect… pfft!

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