Pixel Q. Styx Editor-in-Chief

The News Editor wants me to apply for the Editor-in-Chief position next year.

At first I said ‘no’ out of modesty, but now I seriously don’t want to do it.


First off, I doubt I’ll have enough time. That semester will be the semester I start my paper. I will also need to take 15 hours (I have 14 now), which will suck up time like nobody’s business.
Furthermore, I want to graduate in December, and the EiC position would almost certainly require me to extend my stay until May.

Finally, my assistant, who I already beat out for my current job, is likely planning on applying for the EiC position. I rather like the girl and don’t want her to hate me, so I might just not apply to be nice.

Come to think of it. Sorry Jayna, I’ve got better things to do than be top dog at a campus paper. I’m satisfied enough with my place in life to know I don’t need the ego boost. My assistant, however, does. And who am I to stand in the way of that?

Merry Christmas Laura. Don’t make me regret it.

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