Plagiarist today, gone tomorrow

Pixel, Rick,

Here is **the columnist**‘s response to my asking if he was the original author of the list for the Wal-Mart column … Unfortunately, I found the Wal-Mart list posted on Web sites dating to 1999 … One Web site claimed the list began circulating in 1997. … That seems to cast doubt that our **columnist** wrote it one year ago as he claims.

I’ll call him next week and see if he has a better explanation.


Dave–Apology accenpted. This column was written about a year ago, but I held it back. I did, however, send it to some old friends on the internet, and from there, who knows? I don’t mind the hanges. This has happened to me before. **columnist**.

—– Original Message —–
From: Dave
To: **Clovis columnist**
Sent: Saturday, July 08, 2006 4:08 PM
Subject: Wal-Mart column


Did you compile the Wal-Mart list for Or borrow it from their Web site?

I know you wrote the lead to this column, but let me know if you were the original author of the list as well?

My staff assumed you borrowed the list and they added a line to your column about how you found it on your Internet travels … I did not realize they had made that change until after the section had been printed.

I apologize in advance if you are the original author.



More as this develops.

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