Some things nobody can ever know about guys

Question: If you could live your ideal life right now, ignoring the standards of taste and

My mate’s answer: I’d win the lottery so I could still keep working where I work and going to school where I go to school, but not have to worry about all the useless stuff.. Also, my girlfriend and I would have a semi-open relationship.

Pixel: What do you mean semi-open?

Mate: I mean it’d be an open relationship, but she would never take advantage of it and I would.

Pixel: Oh.

What about you guys? You can post anonymously if you’re so inclined. What would your ideal life be right now? Consider it a social experiment.


  1. I’d live in a beach house, the sea being my back yard, somewhere really warm all year round. I’d be madly in love with someone who was madly in love with me. I’d be in awesome shape, taking jogs every morning or in the evening when the stars are just coming out and I could pass out on the sand, looking at the sky and taking it all in before drifting off to sleep. We would have enough money and freedom in our jobs so we could travel, on a whim, whenever we wanted. We would also have a pet duck. And I’d go sailing at least once a week, catching fresh seafood for dinner.

  2. I’d be happy to continue my life, just having more money for the incedentals like bills, car repairs, more books and clothes, etc. Oh, and I’d like to live closer to, or with, my boyfriend.

  3. I would not have to apply for WSU, already be accepted with a full scholarship but WSU would not be located in Wichita, it would be in Albuquerque. I would move back and still keep close contact with my family and closest friend in Kansas. I’d be in a relationship again with my friend, Paul. Or, if we both agreed that we’re too young to be serious right now we would postpone the relationship and pick it up later on in our lives (perhaps mid 20s?). I want compromise and understanding. I don’t want my mom to feel too stressed over work or the people she has to work with. I want security with independence. I also agree with moofruot, “I’d be in awesome shape.” I’d have my cat with me, my own little house where I could put up all of my posters and design it with what I like. I wouldn’t want to work in a place where I feel my views conflict with what I’m doing. I just want to be sucessful in my own eyes (and perhaps not spell any words wrong without the use of a dictionary).

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