The death of spam

I once had an e-mail address I’d use for everything. This was back in the day where they gave you about fifty megabytes and expected you to deal with it.

This was back when hotmail was HoTMaiL. This was before hotmail was owned by MSN, back when it was a new concept to be able to check your e-mail using simply a Web browser.

After some time, this e-mail grew full and I had to make a new one (or pay a pittance for more storage space).

I corresponded for years from that e-mail address until I grew tired of MSN’s crappy service, terrible layout, and the fact that my inbox was constantly full of SPAM.

I switched and only rarely did I check the e-mail. I hadn’t checked it since March (approximately 134 days ago), so my spam was overflowing when I checked it right now.

I had 1,614 SPAM e-mails. I only had two from friends… and they were both forwards.

I think it’s time to retire that particular e-mail address. I wish I could save all my old correspondence, but I suppose it’s out with the old, in with the new., it was nice knowing you.

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  1. I completely understand what you mean. I’m actually putting time and effort into cleaning out my hotmail account. I missed at least one actual e-mail due to SPAM. I created a seperate e-mail account. I will resist the urge to sign up for anything using that e-mail address. I’ll just stick to the hotmail account incase I sign up for anything.

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