The Perfect Post

The perfect post is insightful. After reading it, you divorce your wife, quit your job, and buy a blue car.

The perfect post is relateable. You’ve thought about it before, but never in quite the way that they put it.

The perfect post is a cohesive whole. From beginning to end, the perfect post is easily readable. There is never a dull line. Every word is meaningful and every word is right.

The perfect post is hilarious. You laugh uproariously and forward it to all of your friends.

The perfect post is memorable. You remember it years later and look for it whenever the situation comes up.

The perfect post is unique. It is a new way of thinking of things that makes you wish you had been the one to think of it.

The perfect post is a benchmark. After people read it, they judge all your other posts in relation to it.

The perfect post is the perfect length. There is always another layer of meaning to be discovered, but it is never too long to go back to.

The perfect post is intimidating. After writing it, you fear writing anything else for fear it will not match up. No matter how long you leave it up, the perfect post is still too good to be replaced at the top of the queue.

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