2007 Redux

Did I accomplish my New Year’s Resolutions this year, you ask?

Well…  Sort of:

  • I visited some family
  • Visited old friends
  • stopped drinking sody-pop
  • I didn’t get sick for the most part
  • I learned how to build Web sites (sort of)
  • I hugged 163 different people, only 33 of which took their hugs back.  🙂
  • I called or wrote to dozens of old friends
  • I traveled to Mexico, but not Canada or Australia.
  • I walked across a mountain
  • I remembered over 20 dreams
  • I was pretty terrible in responding to e-mails

What did you accomplish?


  1. just found you via 20SB…

    I too gave up pop for 2007 and I haven’t had a sip yet. Otherwise, I didn’t really have any more resolutions to keep. Maybe I should resolve to make more resolutions in 2008.

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