I do 18 resolutions every year. I find making tangible, possible resolutions helps me focus. It also makes it more likely I’ll accomplish at least one of my resolutions.

Last year, I accomplished half of my resolutions. This year, I’m hoping to go for 12.

Without further hype, here are my resolutions for 2007:

  1. Learn to juggle
  2. Keep going to the gym
  3. Visit some family
  4. Visit old friends
  5. Cease drinking all soda pop
  6. Bench press 200 lb. or run a 6 minute mile
  7. Be healthy
  8. Learn how to build Web pages, possibly with Photoshop
  9. Excise my wisdom teeth (I might need help with that one)
  10. Get and give hugs to 150 different people
  11. Meet new people; write or call an old friend every week
  12. Not get sick
  13. Create something worth existing or write something worth reading
  14. Travel to Canada, Mexico and/or Australia
  15. Walk across a mountain
  16. Have a lucid dream
  17. Remember 20 dreams
  18. Respond to e-mails/mail in a more timely fashion

These are all self-evident to me, but if you need clarification or would like to recommend something I should improve, please let me know. Be vicious. It’s especially fun if you’re vicious via anonymous comments!


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