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This is a historical document. It details the period immediately before the ending of the universe as well as a few seconds (or eons?) afterwards. It focuses on the misadventures of one pseudo-heroic, genetically manipulated Grecian youth.  It is to be remembered that, to the best of my knowledge, everything in this document is either factual or closely approximating it. I had to make up some stuff to tie point A to point B, but it was never anything major. Also, I had to make the female lead have larger breasts1, you understand. Everything else is true.

—Excerpt from a short story I’m hoping to expand into a novel this month

About three years ago, I wrote a short story about the end of the world for my creative writing fiction class. Although most of the class hated everything else I turned in, they all loved this idea. In fact, about a third of the class asked me to send them the story when I finished it.

This year I decided I had enough time to participate in NaNoWriMo, and could think of no better story than this one. So I’m going to write this novel and post it online for all to read (thanks to Conceptual Drudgery for the idea). I even created a Web site for it… then my server went kaput so I created another Web site for it. That site is now up.  In a few short hours, I’ll start posting the beginnings of the zeroeth draft of my novel.

I hope you guys will be a part of this insane month that I’ll call November 2007. I hope to write 50,000 words toward a novel, write a blog post everyday, finish all my grad school applications, and move across the country and get a job.

If you want to be a part of this another way, I’m also taking bets on how bad I’ll fail at each goal and when.

p.s. The humorous footnotes that I’ve used in this blog comes directly from my original short story in 2004. In fact, that’s the reason I’m publishing my novel online: because I finally got a plug-in that makes it possible.

  1. sure she starts off at age 12, but you have no idea how old this narrator is, so it’s not sick, it’s just wrong []


  1. Looking forward to reading this. Hopefully, your narrator is young enough. I still haven’t gotten over the horror that was Lolita.

    P.S. Pink? I thought you didn’t want to be cute? :p

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