… and his lovely wife

… and her Lovely Husband

“Suddenly, after seeing that movie, rape doesn’t sound funny anymore.”

– Pixel’s friend Frank Jagear after watching Mystic River

… and his lovely wife Pulitzer prize-winning columnist Connie Schultz has just released a new memoir: “… and his Lovely Wife: A Memoir from the Woman Beside the Man” about her experiences as a feminist wife of a U.S. Senate candidate from Ohio. She writes about how difficult it was to be an independent woman who was expected to be meek and submissive and to constantly push her husband’s campaign.

I, being the irreverent jerk I am, instantly reversed the genders in my head to see if the title still made sense. Surprisingly, it seemed sexist yet spectacularly hilarious. Can you imagine a book about how difficult it is to be a misogynist husband of a feminist senator (no Clinton jokes, please)? What about a racist man who’s minority wife is seeking to build a school for underprivileged youth?

I know I should be making some sort of insightful commentary about how people still treat women as less intelligent or worthy of consideration as men. Perhaps I should be talking about how in some areas, women are still seen as arm candy. Or perhaps I should go the other way and wax about how racism and sexism are tolerated so long as they are perceived to make up for past racism and sexism… but really, all I want to do is make fun. How in the world is being married to a guy a qualification for publishing a memoir? Surely her husband couldn’t get a memoir published about his experience running for the Senate, so why should she?

Those are my 2¢ for the day…. thanks for stopping by and sorry about that glass ceiling: we’ve been meaning to get that replaced.

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