Hmm.  Some time ago, I had a bad experience with my blog.  I was passed over for a promotion as a direct result of something I wrote and eventually fired from a job I rather cared about.  For history’s sake, I’ll say that the post was a short introduction to my job at the time and the offensive phrase in the post was about the ‘mysteriousness’ of the adviser’s new moustache (it was ridiculous: he looked like a 1930’s cartoon villain).

So now I’m cautious whenever it comes to this very public domain.  I don’t mind anyone reading what I write so long as they realize that despite the fact that I enjoy making silly comments about arbitrary and absurd things, I’m also very serious about what I do outside of here, extremely good, and technically a genius (yeah, sorry I didn’t tell you before).

A few of you have gathered that I’m applying to grad school, I’m going to study the philosophy of biology and the evolutionary and psychological root of ethics.   Whenever I’m not writing about when not to juggle, I work on my writing sample or devour books on the subject.

Since my only e-mail addresses have the domain at the end, it would be fairly easy for the astute admissions officer to find this blog.  Not wanting to suffer the same indignity twice, I’ve decided to do some temporary tidying up around here.  I’m going to change up my layout to a more serious color (i.e. not baby blue), modify my ‘about’ section to be philosophical, and temporarily lock up some old posts.  The blog will operate as usual, but I’ll wait on my ’10-point scale to bathroom quality’ post until St. Patrick’s Day.

The site will change gradually until I send off my last application, then stay that way until after I get accepted to a grad program.  I know I’m being paranoid and that I should either not worry or lock up the whole blog altogether, but this is the solution that works the best for me.  I can only hope it pays off.  Wish me luck.


  1. Eh. You can’t be too careful I suppose. Or you could just set up a new email address 😉 Gmail is a good time all around.

    I’ll miss the ridiculousness.

    Good luck! 🙂

  2. Hey, genius. Courtney’s right. Open a Gmail account.

    Good luck with the applications.

    I happen to think the baby blue design is cute.

    I am also “technically a genius”. It’s a secret. Don’t tell.

  3. Yeah, best to keep reviewing eyes away from this domain altogether, because “Google cache.” And when you pick a gmail account name, choose a nice safe one like “”.

    Also if you need a gmail invite I have zillions.

  4. Courtney: Thanks. I’ll probably still be silly (I can’t help it), I’ll just try to make the blog look more professional and hide my old silly articles.

    Lisa: Cute?? I’m a boy! I should avoid cute, no? And your secret is safe with me.

    RaJ: I hadn’t thought of google cache… oh, boy! Anyway, I’ve set up a gmail account that’s pleasantly non-descriptive: chmariscal.

    Thanks all for the tips. I’ll try to keep this blog interesting without sacrificing my future to do so.

  5. Yes, little boy. It’s cute and it gets the ladies.

    I want to shrink you and put you in a tiny box and stamp it Little Brother: Bully in Case of Emergency.

  6. 🙂 She likes me, she really likes me! 😎

    It’s a little known fact I just made up that this blog was originally going to be called “The Pixel Programme,” but then I realized I’m not British.

    It was a sad realization, I assure you.

  7. Oh? I see. My reconnaissance team has informed me that you’re a pacific islander. Somehow, that makes a lot of sense.

    Yeah, well, English is my second language too, so 😛

  8. I don’t know, you just have a certain vibe that I couldn’t place. And now I realize that it’s because you remind me of an old filipino friend of mine.

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