Deep, like a lobster

Today, I broke my glasses and wrote a poem.  I was going to post it, but then I tore it up, because life sucks and nobody loves me.

Also, that cute girl at school I like looked at me, then— if you can even believe it— she looked away.  She probably hates me.

I tried killing myself then by swallowing pills, but the effect kept wearing off by the time I took the next recommended dose.  I CAN”T DO ANYTHING WRITE!!

Ugh.  I’m so emo. No, no I’m not.  I’m a realist.  It’s LIFE that’s emo.  All the happy people just can’t tell, though, because they live in their own little bubble.  That’s a good metaphor: happy people.

I hope you got some value out of this post, because if not, I’m going to close the comments, shut down the Internet and cry into my pillow.  Then you’ll see what’s so happy!


  1. … Actually, there isn’t. If I jumped off the tallest building in Chaparral, I’d sprain my ankle. 😆

    …. That’s life in New Mexico for you.

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