I hate you because I care

Some time ago I wrote about how I thought that a logical consequence of understanding of evolution and the principle of equality was to murder everything that you could possibly murder. I was being facetious, but it made running over bunnies more acceptable because it meant that the bunnies with the tendency toward restlessness would not have children and thus future generations of bunnies would not be run over.

To clarify a previous post: the way I think about it, some bunnies are more inclined to react to loud noises and bright lights than others. If not, then some are more likely to learn from previous experiences than others. Thus, it seems to me that if you run over enough of them, after a few generations, only the ones with the natural or learned tendency to stay away from roads would survive to reproduce.

I just wish there were some form of meta-humans that would run over all the stupid people (half of my friends would go in the first batch). This might sound callous, but I believe I can derive philanthropy from misanthropy.

If you assume that stupidity is a natural tendency that can lead to the worst set of circumstances for humans, then it follows that weeding out the stupid is morally desirable in that future generations would have less inclination to do stupid things that would hurt them as a whole.

In other words, ‘stupid is as stupid does.’ But if stupid is no more, then at least some stupid things would not be done anymore. And I can fix stupid with a shotgun.

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