Where does it say ’star inset?’

It doesn’t even make sense to me

I’m moving to Seattle with my friend Yoshi.

He’s been planning on moving up there for over a year (his girlfriend lives there), but I just decided this week because I realized I’m not going to be able to make more than $10 an hour in New Mexico and I need to save up some money for all I’m planning on doing this next year (going to Australia, helping my cousin immigrate to the U.S., taking care of my nephew and niece, etc.)

I’m going to drive past Phoenix to visit some family and a couple of friends, then I’ll cruise over to Los Angeles and stay with my godfather and his family, then I think I’ll go couch surf at SusieNinjaPants‘ house in Eugene, Oregon.

So… In about a month I’m moving to a town I’ve never visited to find a job I don’t know exists. Somehow, I’m not worried. Do you know why? Because I have a pocket watch!


  1. You suck Pix! I told you to move to Phoenix to work here a long time ago. How am I supposed to hit you up for money when you’ll be all the way out there??

  2. If it makes you feel any better, I wasn’t going to move anywhere until every job I applied for here turned me down. 😕 Then it was really a matter of who got to my easily suggestible mind first.

    I’m sure I’d be on a plane to Australia if Anson had convinced me I could get a job when I landed.

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