It’s Danarchy!

I discuss my ideas with everyone, not just you e-people who read my blog. After the last post I wrote about Sim Pixelonia, my friend Frank* decided he wanted to create his own country too. Since I was both repulsed and attracted to his ideas at the same time, I decided to post them here. Eventually I’ll do a side-by-side comparison of our various countries. But for now, this will have to do. Here it goes. Blue is direct quotes.

In Danarchy, the president is elected every 5 years and can be reelected once (twice if it is by 75 percent or more). He has a cabinet of 12 members that each represent various aspects of public life (defense, education, health care, etc.). The cabinet holds elections every 2.5 years and the candidates are nominated by the various branches they represent (armed forces, teachers, unions, etc.).

State representatives are elected every 2.5 years. They can run for election so long as they have an adequate number of signatures on their petitions. All politicians can be vetoed by the public (via secure Internet voting), so long as 60 percent of the voting public is against a certain decision.

Furthermore, any politician that uses his country to better serve his own estate will serve sentences. If he uses his power and lies he can be punished by death. He must not disclose all information, but if he lies to the public: death.

In Danarchy, any prejudice will be dealt with swiftly and harshly. Discrimination will be an offense punishable by death or jail time… locked up with the race that was discriminated against.

Unproductive or impoverished members of society would be given government assistance (in finding better jobs and going to school) for two years. Citizens will only be allowed to take government assistance three times in your life. However, if, after two years, a person on government assistance cannot prove they have been trying to become productive members of society, they will be sentenced to death. Appeals would be dealt with by a tribunal, but being found guilty would mean you would face a firing squad the following morning.

All money is dealt with fingerprint credits. You would go to work, clock in and out with your thumb print. This would automatically credit your account. You would use the same system to purchase items and services. Exchanging money between persons would require a miniature pad that could be purchased at any major convenience story. The pads would read your heart rate as well as check your thumb print, so you could never be mugged (your heart rate would be too high for the machine to work). Also, illegal trades would be virtually eliminated as any large amount of transactions would raise red flags in the system.

Illegal immigration would be virtually eliminated by this system as well, however, there will also be a 10 foot chain-link fence around the entire country. Furthermore, there would be a massive propaganda initiative for people outside of the country to believe that life inside the country was worse than it really was.

The criminal justice system will not be ‘innocent until proven guilty,’ but ‘set-up until proven not-set-up.’ The principle will be the same, there will just be an extra burden of proof on the state.

Health care will be universal, though better, quicker health care will also be provided for those who can afford it.

Taxation will be a 20 percent flat tax which would also affect businesses. Although businesses will also have to face an ‘environmental tax’ in which businesses that affected the public in any way would have to pay more money.

Trade will be more heavily regulated for exportation than importation.

Remember, we’re trying to steal other people’s stuff. We don’t want to lose anything.

There is no army, but there is a nuclear first-strike policy for potential invaders. Danarchy will not negotiate with aggressors. It also engages in heavy spying.

Prostitution is illegal, as is the buying, producing, growing, or selling of drugs.

Also, in Danarchy, there will be no chihuahuas. Ownership of which will be punishable by death. I don’t want Chihuahuas, they’re evil. They hump your leg, they pee everywhere, they bark at everyone and they’re an illogical size.

Education will begin at age 4 and go on until 12th grade. To go to college, all graduating seniors will have to do 6 months of community service. After which, they will have all their college paid for so long as they maintain a C-average or better.

Danarchy will focus on space exploration, but also pay attention to other sciences. Danarchy has severe funding of science with regular scholarships and prizes available in a wide variety of fields every year

* Okay, fine, that’s not his real name and never has been. But at least I’m consistent. I’ve called him Frank on here for years!

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