Some things that are coincidences and some that are not


  • One commercial on two channels at the same time
  • Looking like a stranger
  • Having the same birthday as your best friend
  • Wearing the same clothes as someone
  • Running into your ex-girlfriend the day after you randomly think about her
  • It raining just after you wash your car
  • Breaking your ankle just after a witchy girl ‘cursed’ you
  • Your favorite song playing on the radio on a good day
  • Anything having to do with “THE SECRET” that’s not self-fulfilling

Not a coincidence:

  • Looking like a parent
  • Looking like a milk man
  • Steroid use and muscle growth
  • Senate subcommittees and lack of progress
  • Oil, Islam, terrorism and the deficit
  • Having the same birthday as your twin
  • Alcoholism and divorce
  • Waitresses always hitting on you while you’re sitting at their table, but not at all afterward
  • Windows Vista and computer problems
  • Nerds liking Star Wars/Trek and anything else that helps them escape their lives
  • My being a bad commenter and NaNoWriMo/BloPoMo/GradSchoolApps

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