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Albright was even giving his toddler-clone an in-depth education. His lessons were progressing nicely: he was nearing Algebra now.
“I’m going to skip over dividing by percentages and go right on into factorials. Can you say factorials?” Albright asked.
“’Torios!” Traynor exclaimed, laughing as his hair did a little wave, which tickled and made him laugh more.
“No, actually, it’s ‘factorials.’ There’s an ‘F.’ Which, coincidentally, is what you get on today’s pop-quiz. No matter, we’ll just keep hurrying along until you finally start getting it. “

— Excerpt from my novel

Today I am thankful for… my iPod. I don’t know how I lived before I had the Anderson Cooper 360• daily podcast for my occasional drives into town, but let me tell you: it wasn’t living!

I avoided the iPod’s ever since my friend Jonathan got one a long time ago (back before they were cool). Since they weren’t cool, I could reasonably make fun of him for that:

20 million kilobytes of music!! Who needs that much?? Only nerds, that’s who! Why can’t you just stay happy with a CD player and listen to your artists one at a time? How can you even select music? All you have is a little wheel! And besides, nobody has enough music on their computer to fill up one gigabyte, let alone twenty! It’s not like you can just get music for free out of thin air! Even the Intraweb doesn’t have that!

Those words were harsh, but I stand by them.

Anyway, I bought my iPod (hereafter: Ippy1 ) for my trip across the country back in March. That little guy saved me from another mind-numbing trip across Texas with nothing but my thoughts to entertain me.2 That’s hadn’t wasted so much time and been so entertained and slightly informed since Wikipedia…

So now that I can update my podcasts again, I am so giddy with joy that I can hardly contain myself. Today I am thankful for… Ippy

Lappy update: Weirdness in the world of lappy today as I went to go pick up my laptop from the nice geeks who told me it was dead. I was about to drop it off for recycling when I tried turning it on one last time … and it worked! They fixed it! My lappy works fine! It’s perfect! … wait… what’s that loud rattling noise

  1. Even though I named it Moofruot in honor of one of my favorite people on the planet []
  2. Imagine Benny Hill for 36 straight hours. That’s me being alone with my thoughts for a day. []


  1. I totally agree. I got just after they started getting popular, and then (yes, I will freely admit this), I got the iPhone a few days after they came out (at least I wasn’t one of those guys who waited in line for days 🙂 ). But it’s almost like I can’t imagine what it was like to not have 1000 CDs worth of music in my pocket.

    What will really be funny though is in 20 years when my own children will make fun of me for having an iPod like I made fun of my dad for having an 8-track player.

    Josh Boldman

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