Would you tell your friend if you didn’t like his/her partner?

The 20somethings question for this fortnight is:  Would you tell you friend if you didn’t like his/her partner? (As you can see from the title)

My tentative answer is: I would if I thought it would be funny.  Otherwise, no.  While I have nothing against him/hers, I don’t consider any to be worthy partners for my friend.

…  I’m going to leave friend singular because it’s sadder that way.

Frankly, I have never had any success in affecting any relationship in any way I’ve wanted to.  I’ve prolonged a few I wanted to end and ended a few in ways I didn’t expect, but never in the right combination.  So now I stay away from other people’s relationships altogether.  My smart friends know better than to take my advice without checking it out with other people first.  So, unless there is some humor to be gained from another person’s plight, or my answer just doesn’t matter, I wouldn’t say anything.

Heck, I don’t have to deal with the person, why should I get involved?

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