Lookie Where I Am!

I am in Arizona!

Actually, I’m writing this ahead of time so that, if I cannot get to the Internet today, you’ll still be able to read some yummy A Pixelated Mind thoughts.

Lookie Where I Am!

So this is my new map. I’ve made four.  Get to know and love it.  But you guys don’t want to know where I am.  You want to learn what my trip has been like thus far. 1

So now, in no particular order, here are the crazy things that (will) have happened to me thus far:

  • Just as I’d gotten out of New Mexico, I realized I’d forgotten my cell phone, wallet, and most of my clothes.
  • I drove back the four hours to my house, repacked, then headed out again…
  • … only to realize I had forgotten to get dressed and was, sadly, naked.
  • I stopped on the side of the road to get dressed when a police officer came up demanding oral sex or he’d send me to jail.
  • I let him give me oral sex.
  • Then I drove for a few hours until a deer jumped in front of me.
  • I wish I’d had a video camera, because I didn’t know that deer played hopscotch.
  • So, after a few hours of driving and exhausting my entire collection of podcasts, I broke down in Tucson.
  • I fixed my car in two minutes, but the exposure to the Tucson sun gave me a blistering sunburn.
  • Then, at about 9, I arrived on campus at ASU and sat in on my friend Moira’s Introduction to Philosophy class.
  • I took notes, but I was completely unprepared for her pop quiz.  I’m going to stick around afterward to see if I can make it up.
  • We went to eat pizza.
  • Now I’m sitting at her computer writing out this post.
  • … only I’m not, because I wrote this last week.

See you soon!

  1. Or so I’m predicting. []


  1. I am offended. The Tucson sun is not bad. Actually, right now it’s rainging. Mwhahaha. And it’s nine o’clock, I wonder if you’re here. Hmmm. Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is that I hate ASU.

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