I can't read this!

I am in North Carolina!

32. Sometimes, when I’m bored in the shower, I shave my legs. I think it’s a bit hypocritical to demand women do it, but not be willing to do it myself. Besides, body hair disgusts me.

Huh, sorry about that. I’ve been visiting Duke for the past few days and I just forgot to tell all of you all. I mean, I understand that I had a really important “Bad times to answer your cell phone” post and I had to make a quantitative list of what makes women attractive to me, but other than that, there’s no excuse. I’m sorry.

Oh, and just so you know: this trip is all kinds of awesome. They’re putting me up in a Hilton (sweet! My own room), and they’ve been lavishing us with rockin’ meals and tours all week. All of the grad students and professors have been phenomenal thus far. And I seem to have hit it off with all of the people that seemed really interesting. (I suppose great minds think alike,,, or maybe I just like people that like me.)

The only thing that scares me is that the apartments are all either really dangerous or expensive. Also, I couldn’t register my facebook profile as “Super Pixel.” Apparently that was red flagged. I was, however, able to create an “Awesome-o McFantastic-o” profile if you need a new friend. 🙂


  1. sweet. When does your semester start? What are you taking?

    I applied for a Masters in communication with a UK university… part-time correspondence courses. But I’d be doing four weeks of residency over the course of two years, so it’ll be cool. 😀

    How does the campus feel? Is there stuff to do at night? Are the people seemingly lousy beatniks?

  2. The campus is fascinating. It is simply gorgeous. And I don’t know if everyone is a beatnik, but after Seattle, I’d just settle for cool, intelligent people. Which Duke has.

    Hey, Moof, you realize we’ve been friends across major archs of each other’s life and yet never really met? Craziness.

  3. Hey there, fella. Don’t know if you remember me or not, but I used to be a member of Cre8buzz. I recently set up a new profile and wanted to say hello. Have fun at Duke!

  4. When you leave me comments, I’ve taken to checking my stats to see WHERE you’re leaving them from. You are never in the same place anymore.
    YAY that Duke is turning out to be so amazing! I’m excited for you!

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