Lookie Where I Am!

I am in Oregon!

Please see the previous two road trip posts.

Lookie Where I Am!Some highlights of my trek across California:

  • I escaped from L.A. in less than 24 hours.  It was easy, really.
  • Apparently, I exaggerated when I said California had split from the U.S. It was actually a mutual divorce.
  • However, Oregon and California are on speaking terms, so I rushed right out of Cali and into the rest of the continental United States.
  • … rush is an exaggeration. It took 13 hours to get to Susie Ninja Pants’ house. In that time I solved all of mankind’s ills and and became severely misanthropic.
  • So I’m not going to share any of my solutions to mankind’s ills.
  • Ha, bloody ha.
  • Entering Oregon I was struck at how little I knew about Oregon.
  • Who knew it was a state!
  • Also, there was probably some trees and an ocean or something.
  • I wasn’t sure when I’d pass Portland, so I waved throughout the entire state. Avery understands.
  • I arrived at Ms. Ninja Pants’ house in the wee hours of the evening. She was cool with it.
  • She baked me cookies!
  • We went tap dancing to celebrate.
  • I won a trophy, but it was made out of chocolate.
  • Que sera, sera, right?
  • Wrong.

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  1. Oh, I understand. But if you’re in Eugene, you’re not there yet. Portland is the last city you will go through before you cross into Washington. So, it’s best that you keep both hands on the wheel until you get there. Don’t worry. You’ll know when you’re there.

    Hope your trip is going smoothly.

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