I <3 My Mommy

7. I didn’t go to a “good college” after high school because my parents begged, threatened, and bribed me not to. Apparently, they were having some serious marital difficulties at the time and couldn’t bear the thought of me leaving them alone.

As soon as I heard back from Duke, I called my mom. She shouted and hooted a lot. She was very excited. Today, I received this e-mail:

[Pixel] me siento tan orgullosa de ti.
Eres un encanto. Ayer no pude ni dormir de la emocion.
Necesitas disfrutar estos meses que tienes porque una
vez comenzando la escuela vas a estar ocupado.
Te quiero mucho hijo y deseo que disfrutes al maximo
esta oportunidad que has logrado.
Cuidate mucho.
Ya sacaste los boletos?
Luego se ponen mas caros.
Te quiero hijo

Except that it’s kind of weird that she calls herself ‘Mami.’ Huh.


me gusto este pensamiento espero que te guste a ti tambien. FELICIDADES!!!


Woohoo! Wouldn’t life be great if every day was a thrill a minute. If every moment was bursting with joy. If every day we could fall in love all over again.


I know, I know, these are all images of happiness that we cherish and should really want to have as much of as possible.
But some things cease to be enjoyable in too great a quantity.
Thrills and joy and falling in love are wonderful in part because of the contrast they bring with everyday life. If we were non-stop at such heights, these sensations would feel plain, normal, even boring. What’s worse, there would be no moments of unusual elation to look forward to and enjoy.

The happiness goal is important, but we won’t achieve it in pushing the bounds of excitement and thrills 24/7. Happiness is achieved in enjoying every moment for what it is, in being at peace with oneself and at harmony with the world around us, and in avoiding excessive anger, frustration, guilt and sadness.

So enjoy whatever thrills and elation comes your way, but find happiness in your everyday life, too.

Second update:

“You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it come true.”
Richard Bach

If she keeps this up, I’m going to register her as a spambot.

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