It’s where it is

I’m moving

It’s where it is

My blog header has been confusing me for a while. See, I live in New Mexico (Map included for your convenience). So it makes sense that the “A” in “A Pixelated Mind” is in its own mountain: the most famous mountain my college owned was called “A” Mountain and had an A on it.1 In fact, the “A” on my header is a manipulated image of that mountain during homecoming week.2

The lightbulb, while poorly placed, also makes sense. El Paso, Texas, where I was born and live next to, is well known for having a giant “Lone Star” on the mountain that they light up whenever the city thinks the power bill is too low.3

The clouds, stars, and other mountains make their own sort of sense, too, as you’ll see whenever you visit New Mexico.

What doesn’t make sense to me is that when you see the far right of the image there’s a picture of the Seattle skyline.

I’ve never even been to Seattle! Why is it on my header?

… Oh, wait. I know why. Half of my best friends have moved up there in the past two years and I’m planning on moving there in the next two weeks.

Wow. How could I forget that?

Okay, so here’s my tentative travel plan, just so you know:

I’ll cruise over to Phoenix and stay at my friend Moira‘s house, and possibly attend the class she teaches at ASU. After that, I’ll head over to my uncle‘s house in Los Angeles. I might possibly stay a few days, as I haven’t seen my cousins there in a while. Then, when I feel good and ready, I’ll take the 13 hour trip up to Eugene, Oregon to couch surf at Susie Ninja Pants‘ house. I try to couch surf at least once per road trip. You’ll understand why if you ever try it. It’s like a free hotel and travel guide mixed with a new friend. There’s just no reason not to couch surf.

Anyway, that’s my plan. I’ll try to set up some advanced posts before I leave, but, well, whatever.

Now who wants a postcard and from where?

  1. Yes, my college owns mountains. []
  2. Yes, my college lights its mountain on fire during homecoming week. []
  3. I don’t know why I live in places that insist on having well-lit geography. []


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