I’m not sure I’ll bother titling this

38. I’m told (by the mirror) that my pupils are chronically dilated. I was once told that this means that I have an excess of Seratonin in my system, but I never bothered to verify if this was true (I doubt that it is). I just took it as fact and repeated it whenever the subject came up.

Kantbot!So I’ve been constantly trying to get out of blogging for a few months. It’s not that I don’t like blogging, I just think my sense of humor could work better in other media.

I’m still hoping my friend Alethea and I will be able to work on a Web comic called Temptation Toilet, and I’m hoping Frank and I will be able to start a Podcast called Internal Dialogs, but one or both of those may never come to pass. So, I’ve decided to create a comic I can do on my own.

Meet Kantbot. He’s going to be a major character in my new comic.  Actually, this is the old version of Kantbot, I call him CI-1. The version I plan to center my comic around is Kantbot CI-2, but I haven’t designed him yet. There might even be a Kantbot CI-3 and a Utilitron!1

Basically, this comic will run a dozen strips until I feel I’m adequate enough to try something more difficult.  (The idea I have would not last more than 12 strips.)  As I slowly improve my drawing abilities, I’ll start trying newer and crazier things, until eventually I’ll feel confident creating a comic with more human characters than robots.

I’ll post the comics as I write them, so stay tuned. Also: more microfiction is in the works.2

  1. These are all philosophy references. Sorry. []
  2. You probably don’t even remember the last time I did any. So sad. []


  1. He looks like Bender off of Futurama. Um, do I wish you good luck with the comic thing? I have absolutely no drawing talent, so I will live vicariously through you.

  2. Kori,
    Drawing board? Yeah, we’re back.

    Yeah, me too for some reason. Daniel had more to do with the design for this than I did. I’ll e-mail you what I have on CI-2 so far. CI-1 is just going to be the throwaway first robot. He’s going to be like, “I’m sorry, I can’t do that Dave.” Much like Kant’s first formulation of the categorical imperative.

    We don’t negotiate with terrorism or give in to petty threats!! You can take your ultimatums and… use them. So, pretty please don’t hurt me. I’ll do everything you want.

    p.s. You’re now past Ex_cal and tied with Breakerslion for sixth most amount of comments. Craziness.

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