Ninja lurk!

I’ve seen the same meme three times now. So… why not?

In 2007…

  1. … I started some serious long-term projects. I’d done personal projects before, but I’d never gotten to the point of actually producing results. Other things I did that I’d never done before includes one thing that’s illegal in the United States (seriously). I’d tell you what it is, but I’d rather take it to my grave: it’s funnier that way.
  2. … I kept about half of my new year’s resolutions. It’s my usual average. That’s why I make 18.
  3. … Nobody gave birth anywhere near me. Most of my friends had the decency to go to the hospital.
  4. … I went to Mexico twice and across the US twice. Not Canada or Australia like I’d wanted to.
  5. … I did not have a doctor, a gym membership, a real home, a plan, a ray gun that changes peoples’ sexual orientation, money, or a novel under my belt. I’d like all of those for 2008.
  6. … August 18th is pretty memorable (despite the fact that I had to look it up just now). Also, I will always remember May 29th on the count that it’s my birthday.
  7. … My biggest achievement was the completion of my hug project, and all that grad school crap that made me a much better philosopher.
  8. … Not going to Australia, quitting my job and not having a clue about life were pretty big failures. I will always remember 2007 as a combination of being lost and finding myself.
  9. … I finally had my wisdom teeth taken out. Also, I was sick twice (including now).
  10. … I bought an iPod and a new computer.
  11. … Most of my money went to feeding myself and slowly paying off loans… it wasn’t very much money.
  12. … I got really, really, really excited about my two major trips across two nearby countries.
  13. … Songs don’t remind me of particular years, though Regina Spektor will always remind me of my friend Cassandra.
  14. … I became sadder, fatter, and much poorer. Now, though, I have a plan to my life and plan to reverse all those trends.
  15. … I wish I’d had super powers or a super memory, because sometimes I don’t care much about making future memories. I’d rather enjoy the ones I’ve already made.
  16. … I wish I’d done far less worrying and far more working.
  17. … I did not fall in love. I barely fell asleep.
  18. … I had 100,000.00 one-night stands… wait, there’s not supposed to be a 1 there.
  19. … I fell back in love with TV, if only for Heroes and House.
  20. … I did not, and currently don’t hate anyone.
  21. … I read The Count of Monte Cristo and fell in love with literature. I know that directly contradicts my answer to #17, but I don’t care.
  22. … I wanted and got a lot of hugs, some answers to my own residual teen angst, and also oxygen. I like oxygen.
  23. … I wanted, but did not get, a year that fit nicely into my own preconceived notions.
  24. … I did nothing on my 22nd birthday. I drove around feeling sad that my friends all forgot it until I decided to get some Ice Cream at Baskin Robbins to cheer myself up…. but they were closed. Also, a rain cloud followed me all day and the Charlie Brown song played inside my head for hours.
  25. … I was kept sane by my refound love of blogging and my Moleskines (although I lost two this year, which filled me with teen angst, as you can imagine)
  26. … I missed my cousins. Both the newfound and the old. I have pretty cool cousins, if I don’t say so myself.
  27. … my favorite new person was Adriana. She’s also my favorite newfound cousin. Of course, beyond cousins, I think I only met about a dozen people. None of which I still talk to. In cyber-land I met a whole slew (whatever a slew is) of awesome people.
  28. … I learned to always do my research, to always do things early, to always plan for crazy eventualities, and to never write people off.

… one of these days I’ll learn how to just take part in a frigging Internet survey without rebelling in my own way…


  1. This is the best New Year meme I’ve seen! And, hey, it sounds like 2008 is bound to be better than 2007, right? So, there’s that.

    Happy New Year, Pix! You rock!!

  2. That sounds like a very sad 22nd birthday. Maybe you should tell people it’s your birthday next year? I sympathize with you: the worst things seem to happen on my birthday. Like my sixteenth, in which my mother and sister were in California and I went to see The Time Machine by myself because none of my friends answered their phones, only I missed a couple of words and thus did not understand the last 30 minutes of the movie. I ended up crying, alone, in a bookstore. And then I came home to find out that my cousin had died in a spring break road trip.

  3. Oh, wait. That was my seventeenth. I think. I was in Ireland on my sixteenth. I got to kiss the Blarney stone. But then again…I did get lost in a castle for an hour and finally found my friends, after I’d been crying, in a pub down the street.

  4. It is strange about your birthday…every other year I have ditched my sister’s party plans to attend yours and the year I go to hers is the one where you everyone else forgets. Not cool. I am glad you fell in love with literature again because I certainly did. If anything, that can be the most gratifying things in 2007.

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