This should be fuuuunnnn

Logical Fallacy Sheet

So, you might be wondering what I’ve been doing since this post.  If you guessed reading and studying for some major things I have to do…. you’re WRONG.

I’ve been making a Spot the Logical Fallacy Cheat Sheet for my party in two weeks.  Actually, the idea has been pinging around the Internets for a little bit now and people seem to really be responding to it.  I’d link to the sites, but I don’t want to connect my professional life with my blog in any serious way.

Anyway, I should probably go do something productive…

This should be fuuuunnnn
This should be fuuuunnnn

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  1. There’s a neat little book I picked up a few semester’s ago for my class, it’s called “A Rulebook for Arguments” by Anthony Weston that has a nice breakdown of all the fallacies.

    But now I think I shall steal your sheet and use that instead! Woohoo! Free info with no work attached. Finally! 😀

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