The Million Mac March

I’m so sick of discrimination, I want to vomit in fury.  I’d finally gotten to the point in my life when I thought that I was okay with this.  When I thought that the world was changing and that in a few years, I wouldn’t have to deal with it.  But then I’m woken from my dogmatic stupor by incidents like the one that occurred to me this morning.  I’ll give you the play-by-play:

  • I decided I needed to buy a microphone for my podcast, so I went to Radio Shack, because I had questions that needed answers.
  • I arrived, carrying a baby blue Hello Kitty umbrella.  I could tell that the attendant looked upon it with disdain.  The fact that I walked in with my male friend, Yoshi, did not help anything.
  • The attendant was very obviously a white man, and, as I discovered later, a very staunch Libertarian and Jehovah’s Witness.
  • It didn’t look good for me when I asked him for help choosing a microphone I could use for my upcoming podcast.
  • But he was nice and let me know which microphone I should get, saving me a ton of money in the process.  I went home to try it out.
  • That was when the unthinkable happened:  the microphone he sold me was not compatible with Macintosh!

I know!  It’s inhumane, discriminatory, and unconscionable.  I should call the ACLU.  I mean… what kind of a world is this when a Mac user can’t walk around with a chump PC user without feeling judged as inferior?

…  I think I’m going to go and sit in my car alone now.

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