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What makes someone a good grad student

14. I admit it, damn it. I voted for Nader. And you know what: I’d do it again. You know why? Because I vote as an exercise in absurdity, not to elect any particular person.

Even though I’ve only been to one grad school party at one grad school thus far, I consider myself both able and qualified to judge what the true form of a graduate student is like. Enjoy:

  • Facial hair in either of the following styles:
    • Neat, trimmed, yet odd
    • Hobo
  • Crazy beliefs and combinations of incompatible beliefs in either of the following styles:
    • Religious
    • Non-religious
  • Wild claims
  • A high tolerance for alcohol
  • Trivial knowledge and knowledge of trivia
  • Competitiveness
  • Knowledge of stuff you can’t even comprehend
  • Wild claims of knowing stuff beyond stuff you can’t even comprehend


  1. You forgot to mention, in matters of dress you can’t tell them apart from that guy who stands on the corner and shouts stuff at people

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