Young Me

Wow, way to depress your audience, Pixel

48. I don’t have any grandmothers left.  My mom’s mum hanged herself when my mommy was 6 and my dad’s mum died of the diabetes when I was four.  Actually, it happened just a few weeks before this picture was taken:

I was going to do a real post, but I decided I should share this instead.

Young Me

It’s me at age 4.  I remember that day because the photographer was trying to cheer me up with a rubber ball, but hid it just before he took my picture, essentially making me frown.  So now I have to get a Christmas tree and a shirt that says “SPORT” and recreate it for this contest.


  1. Awww…that’s adorable. Miniature Carolus. You always did have nice hair…and you know, the big head. 😀

  2. I don’t have any grandfathers left. My father’s dad died of liver cancer ten years before he even met my mother, and my mom’s dad died when I was seven from heart disease. (Both grandmothers are still kicking, even though one is suffering from dementia, and the other one is 98 years old.)

  3. Aw… you do look a bit unimpressed, Pixel. I’ve got some photos of me at that age somewhere, but first I have to look at it to figure out which is me and which is my twin 😳 . For some reason, the vast majority of photos were of the both of us until the age of 15 or so.

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