Year’s End, a Review

When I started grad school, Angelaboration made up a list of some 50 or so resolutions. I liked a few, so I stole them. I’m going to see how I did now. Care to join?

Try not to make the fact that I’m a blogger public knowledge.

Meh, didn’t really come up.

Take studying SERIOUSLY.

Nope. I worried about it seriously, but this did not translate to productivity. I’ll try again next year.

Actually read all of the assigned reading. Don’t just skim it. Occasionally take notes.

HA HA HA ha ha ha ha ha.

Remember to step back and take time to breathe.

Breathing is overrated.  Panic?  That’s where it’s at.. and that’s where I was at all semester.  Probably for no good reason.

Get fit.

Not yet.  In fact, I’m worse off now.  My eating is completely irregular.

Finish homework, papers, reading assignments, etc. as quickly and efficiently as possible.

I don’t know what this means anymore.  This seems like nonsense to me now.

Make friends outside of the program.

I’ve got a couple, yeah.  But my best bud(s) seem to be in the program.  Either way: I’m happy.

Write down all homework assignments.


Take all available opportunities to learn new skills.

I’ve lost all my goals for skillz.  What I want now is to write a novel and learn French.  Also: learn that thing I’m supposed to be studying.

Remember how hard it is to get to grad school. Remember how great of a program this is. Be grateful every, every minute.

I’m grateful.  Yeah, I am.  It’s scary as shit being in a prestigious program, but whenever I’m not clenching my butt, I smile at how awesome this all is.

Don’t let politics within the school get personal. Just because something is going on in class, doesn’t mean it has to carry over into the rest of life.

It seems like drama is a bigger problem for me now than politics.  Why does everyone seem to love Pixel?

Go out and have fun.

Yeah, I do.

Take a trip to somewhere outside of town (even if it’s just to the next closest city), don’t give up my own projects.

Three times.  And oh, man I gave up on everything throughout the semester, but I’m feeling really productive now.

Work on completing my novel in my spare time.

Now is my spare time and now I am working on it.

Do not add to negativity, politics, nor take part in gossip.

I am the gossip and I’m okay with it.  I just need to get a girlfriend or become gay or something, because otherwise I’ll keep being the gossip and it’ll stop being okay.

Budget properly. If having trouble, begin writing down all expenditures.

I was okay until this month.  Hopefully I make it to the 31 without busting into my savings.

Laugh as much as possible.

Yeah, I’ve got my humor back.  And I love it.

Do not discuss individuals from grad school program on my blog, in case they find it.
There were a few vague allusions and one almost direct reference. But naw, nothing like the last time I got in trouble.

Feel like I belong. It’s not a competition, and even if it was, it doesn’t matter if you win.
I… I feel like I belong a whole lot more now. When I’m in class, I still clam up (which is rare for me, trust me), but hopefully that’ll get better next semester. And now, when I’m outside of class, I very rarely feel like I don’t belong. Is good.

Walk or bike to school.
I tried that, but I didn’t have a bike. Then, when I did: it was cold and I was sick. Walking just sucked. I did that for a while, but jeez. After daylight saving’s time ended it was too dark to walk home.

Try to limit caffeine intake.
Ha! I started intaking MORE caffeine. Mostly cuz there’s a really cute girl that works in a coffee shop here and I like going by to say hi.

Watch my nutrition
Nope! Not even a little. I tried to get cooking and be good at vitamin taking, but time just keeps on slipping by, you know? *sigh*

Total: 9 to 12.  I’m going to make new resolutions for 2009 and post them.  I’ll also post my new plan for grad school.  Cuz what I did this semester did not really work.


  1. HAHA wow… those are basically all of the things I wanted to do too. I mean, the stuff that didn’t come to be, such as actually reading assignments instead of skimming. Yeah, I didn’t do them either… I’m thinking I’m just going to not lie to myself anymore. I only have 1 semester left anyway (assuming I don’t go to grad school which I might if my employer pays my tuition someday) so oh well. My habits are my habits. As detrimental as they may be to my well being.

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