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2009 Redux

Did I accomplish my goals in any way, shape, or form?

  1. Write down every book or article I read.
    FAIL – Not even close.  I gave up in January, actually.
  2. Write 100 or so nabµfs.
    FAIL – Not even close.  Maybe 10
  3. Write a novel
    FAIL – I don’t know why I even assigned it.  I knew I was going to fail.
  4. Date someone worthwhile
    FTW.  Only I didn’t realize it until it was too late.
  5. Move somewhere cheaper, closer OR get a roommate.
    FTW –  I had a roommate and moved somewhere closer.  I guess I did it well.
  6. Get all A’s
    FTW – I guess that’s not that impressive where I am, but it’s better than the alternative.
  7. Transition my life from ‘drama’ to ‘comedy’ without passing ‘tragedy’ or ‘mockumentary’
    FAIL –  I bring drama and tragedy with me wherever I go.
  8. Get a paper accepted at a conference or (cross my fingers) for publication.
    FAIL –  I found out this week.  *sigh*  Next time I won’t put all my eggs in one basket.
  9. Write something in philosophy of biology.
    FTW –  I wrote two things in my field!
  10. Ride my bike regularly.
    Unsure.  I did a bunch, but also didn’t… a bunch.
  11. Send something out to a literary agent/publisher.
    FAIL – I keep my writing on the backburner too much.  Oh, well.
  12. Work on updating the site.
    FAIL – That’s not going to happen, I suppose.
  13. Upload everything I worked on from high school onward.
    FAIL  – This… this will probably not happen this year either.
  14. Create that ‘six-words’ group blog at and see it take off.
    FTW!  – You should join!
  15. Not lose more than $200 unnecessarily
    FTW – I was down $200 after I bought my laptop, but got it all back when I convinced the car dealership to charge me less than half of what the repairs cost.
  16. Plan ahead, stop being late
    Unsure.  No idea how to measure this.
  17. Get a new camera, stylus, or laptop.
    FTW – I got a new laptop.  I love it!
  18. Tell people they matter to you whenever you leave a room.
    FAIL – Luckily, I haven’t had to regret it this year.

Total:  7 out of 18.  Actually, 7 out of 17.  If I change the header on this blog tonight, It’ll be half.

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