Prospie Week Games

As part of our program here, every year we have to convince a new gaggle of prospective first years (‘Prospies’) to come to our program.  The program sets them up in a nice hotel, treats them to good food, shows them the campus, and even lets them go to a few classes.  They trust the current graduate students to pick them up at the airport, drive them around, and take them out in the evening.  We even have a party.

Naturally, this opens up the ground for fun games at the prospies’ expense.

I’m making a list of things all of the current graduate students could do while the prospies are here.  The winner will be whoever does most.

  1. Who can make the most Facebook friends with prospies.
  2. Who can get the most prospies to hug them.
  3. Who can get into a drinking contest with a prospie (and win).
  4. Who can get into a philosophical argument with a prospie and make him concede the point.
  5. Who can get a prospie to tell them a secret (extra points if it is a member of the opposite sex).
  6. Get honesty from a Super Prospie (a prospie with multiple acceptances to top-ranked programs.  Honesty would be something along the lines of “I just came here for the free trip.”).

There is also another, top secret game between me and another graduate student here.  One of us is trying to get at least five people to decide not to come here and the other is trying to thwart that goal.

Update: I was just reminded that we were also supposed to get a sex story from the prospies or get a kiss from them.  Although I imagine that if anyone is actually going to get either of those, then they’ll win the contest by default.

Anyone have any ideas for other games?

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