Things I wish I could say to people, but can’t (pt. IV of XXVI)

I’m going to start linking to all of them soon.  Next time, probably.

  • You were funner when your life was terrible.
  • You’re loud and overbearing.  That said, I somehow have the desire to hang out with you.  Weird.
  • Sorry to hear about all of your misfortune.  I’d say you don’t deserve it, but there’s an off chance that you might.
  • Sorry I stayed at your house and left the next day like it was a bad motel rather than a timely favor.
  • You are a jerk that stayed at my house and left the next day like it was a bad motel.  This is unforgivable.  You are a jerk.  (Hm.  It really is strange that you two are next to each other on the phone book.)
  • So, you’re coming here next semester.  So it goes.
  • Nice knowing you.  I much preferred you to the friend that introduced us.  Oh, well.  Have a nice life.
  • Sorry about your father.  He seemed like a nice man.
  • Ring… ring… ring…  Why doesn’t anyone ever answer here?
  • Happy graduation.  Have an awesome life.
  • Remember that time you plagiarized off me?  Yeah, that wasn’t cool, man.  You made me look bad.
  • You were hot.  Interesting?  Weeeell…… …. … .. .
  • You scare me.
  • I had a crush on your sister.  Why did you both end up so crazy??

… so it goes.

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