Things I wish I could say to people, but can’t (pt. V of XXVI)

It turns out I have to make friends whose names start with the following letters:  Q, U, O, X.  If you know a quirky Quentin, an unassuming Ursula, an original Omar, or a xenophobic Xavier, please: send them my way.

And now… more!  (psst!  I’ve just changed the pattern.  Only one person got it before, which is good, but

  • You intimidate me less than most of the people who are in your position.  You’re smart, but you really should prepare more for things.
  • Thanks for all the stuff.  Was it awkward for you, too, to have to talk to me all the time last semester?
  • You know, I knew you had a crush on me for years, but never did anything because I just had other stuff to do.  Also: I found out you slept with one of my best friends.  Yuck.
  • *sigh*  You know, if I’d kissed you on that one date we had a long time ago, our lives would be so different now.  Specifically, I would have one further person on my list of regrets. 1
  • I always liked you a little bit less as a person than I did your girlfriend… you were just too demanding and annoying.  But you realize you went crazy, right?
  • Aww, you’re awesome.  Have a nice life, yeah?
  • I hope I get to know you a little bit better next year.  You seem pretty cool.
  • You have an awesome beard.

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  1. Just kidding.  I regret nothing.  We wouldn’t have worked well together anyway. []

One comment

  1. “Aww, you’re awesome. Have a nice life, yeah?”

    I’m just going to assume this is me and blame you if I don’t end up having a nice life.

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