Things I wish I could say to people, but can’t (pt. XII of XXVI)

Man.  There are some beautiful people on this list.  There’s also a public service.  Hm…  Not enough hints?  Okay:  pretty much everyone I still talk to will know someone on this list.

  • Please don’t have a crush on me.  I mean, I think you’re pretty cool, but… no.  Just no.
  • It bothers me to see how people use you.  It bothers me because I know I could never do it myself.
  • One of my friends thought you were hot, another thought that you were abusive and crazy.  I just think you’re pretty fun and cool.
  • Why did you have children with that man?  He’s a moron, lazy, and will hold you back!  I know you knew it ahead of time, but why did you still go through with it?
  • You’re gorgeous, and I can look past how devout you are because you don’t proselytize…  but you could do sooo much better than your current fiancée.
  • My man, he did well when he locked you down.  You’re all sorts of cool, I’m glad you two are still together because we get to hang out some times.
  • You and Bow go pretty well together.  I’m glad it’s worked out so far, because you’re a very cool chick.
  • I don’t know if we could ever have been anything.  I mean, I was obviously attracted to you, but you were too much for me as far as alcohol, drugs, and everything else is concerned.  Still: I’m glad you found someone.  Even if you took him from another mutual friend.
  • I’m still not over it..  And that’s a good portion of the reason we can never be friends.
  • I always found you a bit too loud, big, and obvious.  And last time I saw you, I realized that I only ever hung out with you because we had mutual friends… sorry.
  • Sorry I screwed over your brother back in 2002.  You’re my oldest friend, and I always felt bad about that.
  • … I am not sad that you lost your job, but I’m very sad you haven’t gotten your life together since.  Sorry I provided emotional support for the women that came up to speak against you.
  • This one really is about you.

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