The 10-Point Public Bathroom Grading Rubrik

I’ve told people about my 10-point rubrik for public bathrooms.  Here it is, for the first time ever. Each item present earns the restroom one point. A Perfect 10 is a restroom worth planning trips around.  What does the restroom nearest you score? The one at the Guglhupf scored a 9 before I used it. It’s probably a 4.5 now. My bad.

  • There is running water
  • There are toilets/urinals that work
  • Toilet paper is in good supply
  • Toilet Paper is two-ply or more
  • Toilets have doors
  • Flushing is appropriate
  • There is soap
  • There is no grime/stuff lying around.  In other words: it is pretty clean.
  • The soap/faucet/drying devices are appropriate and not frustrating
  • Doors do not pull inward

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