2013 Redux

Things I have accomplished this year:

  1. Get into shape, damn it. But like, a pretty bad ass shape.
    Fail. I blame the girlfriend. And the job market. And anybody who isn’t me. But really, it’s my own fault. I stopped kickboxing and didn’t stop eating as if I had. Okay, no excuse next year. I will get back to 2010los.
  2. Finish two dissertation chapters.
    Success. Although, to be fair, they were originally one chapter that I split into two.
  3. Apply for academic jobs.
    Success. I even had one interview. Most people would view this as a failure, but… well…  it isn’t yet. We’ll see.
  4. Not injure any more bones/ligaments/tendons/muscles/organs.
    Um… I stopped going to the doctor to check. Does that count? I think I reinjured the same part of my knee. I’ll schedule a doctor’s visit in January to check. *sigh* Getting older blows.
  5. Keep a list of alcoholic beverages consumed. For… posterity?
    Success!.. I have! And I get my name on a plaque!


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