All the Assets

Last post, I wrote what I perceive to be my major flaws. Given the advice to ‘think positive’ and ‘write positive things about myself,’ I’ve recently received, I’m going to try the opposite today. Maybe I can learn something in the process


All things considered, I eat a reasonable amount of food that’s reasonably healthy. I like my smile and still have all of my hair.


My johari says I’m intelligent, witty, trustworthy. I also think I’m funny, intriguing, and interested in many things.


Again, my johari says I’m complex, silly, and spontaneous. I’m even-keeled and zen about most things.


I’m friendly, able to engage with people from all walks of life and make them comfortable with each other. People seem to genuinely like being around me.


I am a great teacher, a decent writer, creative, well-trained, and like what I do.


My credit score is awesome and I am eminently employable, even if it isn’t in what I want to do.

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