“It’s like Cosmos meets Mythbusters”

(Working) Title: The working title is “In the Know”1
Pitch: a weekly, 30-minute, three act show hosted by a scientist and a comedian ((I’m thinking Janna Levin and Myq Kaplan)) as they explore three science-related topics.

Each week, we cover three related topics in contemporary science, historical science, and the philosophy of science. Each of those areas would be discussed from a variety of perspectives. I’ve liked Cosmos, I really have, but some of the episodes meandered too much for me. If each story were written to be an eight-minute arc, I think we could– paradoxically– get a lot more out of it.

Possible episodes:

  • Deep Time.
    Act 1 – How do we think the Earth formed?
    Act 2 – The 19th Century battle of Geology vs. Physics on the age of the Earth.
    Act 3 – the Speed of Evolution and the Burgess Shale as evidence.
  • Reinventing New Disciplines.
    Act 1 – Aristotle creates most modern disciplines
    Act 2 – Newton creates Calculus to solve a problem, then promptly forgets about it.
    Act 3 – Physical chemist/science journalist George Price revolutionizes biology. (Seriously, read his story, it’s super compelling.)
  • Natural Experiments.
    Act 1 – Thales uses a well as a telescope
    Act 2 – Captain Cook sails the world to measure the transit of Venus
    Act 3 – Einstein uses the 1918 Eclipse to corroborate his theory.

I really should be writing up a script, but I’d rather it be out there and possibly come to fruition than be lost in space.

  1. This idea is inspired by Stuff You Should Know, You’re the Expert, Probably Science, Cosmos, Mythbusters, and Joanie Loves Chachi []

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