Recurrent conversation topics

If given free reign with a person of similar interests/background/sense of humor/etc., what conversation topics would be most likely to come up?

That question randomly popped into my head because Emily, a graduate student in philosophy, remarked how she always found herself having to inform people that their ideas for a perpetual motion machine wouldn’t work.1

It occurred to me that I have some recurrent conversation topics. Like, a lot. Hypotheticals are one of them. A colleague recently accused me of always asking about a ‘Fake World.’ And my Fake World is always populated by:

  • Time travel
  • Wishes with trade offs
  • Radical changes to wealth/safety/circumstance
  • Minor super powers
  • Massive political and social changes, executable on a whim.

After Emily inspired this train of thought, I tried asking the same question to someone else who was nearby. Her response:

“Well, me and Emily always find ourselves complaining about the patriarchy.”

… Okay, then.

  1. Apparently, among Canadians with limited educations in Emily’s home town, the combination of bathtubs of water and magnets can solve the world’s energy needs. []

One comment

  1. I have woke up a few times in the ambulance myself with a little bladder problem. Always fun when you are on the small town fire department. It seems to come up as a topic of conversation when they visit me in the hospital. I even woke up with painted toenails. Always nice to have friends haul you to the hospital. Hazeing and razzing is one of my side effects.

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