The Ten-Point Coffee Shop Grading Rubrik

Last time, I talked about my 10-point rubrik for public bathrooms. Now, I’d like to share my Coffee Shop Checklist. If you are thinking of starting a coffee shop, these items are essential (and listed in order of necessity). A Perfect 10 Coffee Shop is one worth planning a trip around. The Guglhupf scored a 9 before the incident. It’s probably a 4.5 now. My bad.

  1. There are power outlets available
  2. There is internet
  3. There is running water
  4. There are restrooms that score a 7 or above
  5. It is open late
  6. There are nice places to sit
  7. There are decent snacks/food available
  8. There is coffee
  9. There is iced coffee
  10. There are flavored drinks

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