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Calling all freaders!

Where are you? Was it something I did? Was it when I looked at you funny? Or when I didn’t update regularly for 15 years? Or that I’m just a sentient grape??1

Well, now that Twitter is over and social media sucks, let’s get back to the blogging world and reconnect! Where’s @narfna/AshleyAwesome, @mufroot/meznor, @breakerslion, @courtney903, @angelaboration, @sethsim, @mandarific, @korij, @claritysage, @ascottwhite, @deutlich, @radioactivejam, @baconyum, @conceptualdrudgery, @averygrayday, @leedoyle, @willbraden, @thelisashow, @aeger, @amelia, @eggo_the_waffle

Call to action now. Vignette next.

  1. I’m not, but I could be. And for all I know, you think I am and also are anti-grape bigot. []


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