The Blog

A Pixelated Mind is a bit of everything you like to read. We work hard to provide a mixture of thoughts, ideas, concepts, information, insight, and humor into your life. While there is no set theme in this blog, it does regularly feature philosophical questions, especially of an ethical and evolutionary nature; silly thoughts, especially when provoked by what we’ve been reading, talking about, and thinking; and some true (sort of) stories of our every day life. At times, we focus on the more mundane and delve into philosophical issues there as well. Often, we try to show you new ways of thinking about old concepts and deep issues in otherwise shallow subjects, but usually we just go for the non-sequitur joke instead. In conclusion, the end.

We attempt to simulate conversations, write sequels to previous posts, and be silly in an attempt to engage our audience: we hope to eventually marry them.

The lightbulb that you see everywhere on the site is actually found in the physics building of New Mexico State University. The trick is that this light bulb is actually an optical illusion. If you move just a few degrees in any direction, the lightbulb disappears, much like every idea here. Nevertheless, there is a real lightbulb behind the curtain, and that idea (or form of an idea) should be enough to motivate anyone to pursue the truth behind what we experience. We assume there’s a cool metaphor there, but we’re damned if we can find it.

The Authors

Pixelation Qyw Styx

I have just graduated with a Ph.D. in philosophy from Duke University. Before that, I was in the real world for a while and before that I earned a B.A. in journalism from NMSU. My work right now focuses on preconditions and expected patterns that would emerge from any biology in the universe. It’s crazy interesting, but hard to make accessible to the general public, so I tend to stay away from it here. (Still: ask and you shall receive.) Instead, I discuss silly things that come up in life for us all.

Young Pixel

Every once in a while, the past version of myself chimes in to correct something. Sometimes he has legitimate questions about the future and his life, but usually he just wants to throw out his particular opinion.  The mechanism by which he does this is still unknown.

Gabe the Beaver

Gabe started off as an advice columnist at the high school paper in Anthony, New Mexico.  After a few sporatic stints at the Panther Tracks, The Tao of Gabe switched from local newsletter to local viewspaper before finally becoming a mainstay at both the original Pix Capacitor and the New Mexico State University newspaper the Round Up.  Gabe has also been seen online, in the Macquarie pamphlet of the Lachlan Review, and in Carver’s BT.  Currently, he is unemployed, missing, and presumed dead.


When the pressures of actually having a job got to Pixel, he passed along posting duties and responsibilities to Ex Cal, an old friend from Uni.  Ex Cal is both funnier and smarter than Pixel, but angrier and more rude to boot.  The trade-off makes it so that Ex Cal appeals to another niche, but hopefully one we can bring back into the camp.  Ex Cal has not been seen lately, but is missed.  We hope he eventually edits this blurb.