A spectre is haunting me — the spectre of myself as I ought to be. All the powers of old have entered into a holy alliance to exorcise this spectre: Gods and kings, old friends and new enemies, editors and advisers.

For far too long, I have hidden himself from the world, contrary to my own sense of right and wrong. I have declined to post when I wanted to, I have hidden posts inside other posts and other blogs, I have restricted access to information.

No more!

If the first law of robotics is “a robot may not harm a human being, or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm,” then the first law of my blog shall be “an author may harm a human being, or through inaction allow a human being to come to harm, but only if it will be pretty funny at the time.”

To have let a sequence of events change my mood is one thing, but to let it alter how I behave in my blog is a complete different beast.  The whole point of this blog is to have a medium through which I can express myself and document my thoughts, jokes, wit, and life.  To edit this is to edit myself.  I refuse to allow weak, worldly consequences to affect my record of myself.

Therefore, this shall serve as my manifesto. Hopefully through some additions in the future, it will be a long enough document to print and sell to the nice little niche market of people who like other people’s manifestos.

The Blog

  • No more shall a post go unwritten because of who may read it.
  • All written posts will be accessible to anybody who chooses to register.
  • As the author’s abilities in writing, joking, photographing and Web design improve, so shall the blog.
  • The author absolves himself of all responsibility for any posts older than three years. Should you have a quarrel or a challenge to something he had already discussed, take it to your grave, as he will refuse to take any responsibility or allow any repercussions for posts he no longer feels attached to.

The Archive

  • This blog will henceforth be a collection of all past and future essays, articles, dialogs, scripts, stories, poems and other works.
  • All back issues of viewspapers and humorous articles published elsewhere will thus be published here at the respective date they were made available to the public, making A Pixelated Mind the definitive source of all things written by me.
  • The archive will consistently improve until it can be faultless.

The Life

  • Posts shall neither conceal nor reveal the truth of the non-blogospherical life.
  • When life shall be post-worthy, it shall be posted such that the origin is non-essential.
  • Potential readers are advised: the blogger is an abominable human being and knows it. Whether you find him lovable or humorous after that is up to you.

The Manifesto

  • Shall be updated every time I feel like it.
  • I shall rarely feel like it.