Goodie Grab Bag XI

Personal Ad: I like romance as much as the next guy, but long walks on the beach make me gassy.

1: Did you go to that party where if you wear green it means you’re single and if you wear red it means you’re taken?
2: You mean the red light/green light party? Yeah, I went.
1: What did you wear?
2: I dressed up as a yellow left turn signal, so that gay guys would be cautious about hitting on me.
1: Were they?
2: No, they just ran it.

… and now an episode of “My Super Sweet 16” starring Luke Perry!

2: She thought I was confiding in her, but really I was just making fun of her.
1: Really?
2: No, I’m just making fun of you.

“Don’t Jump!” He told the girl holding a blade to her wrists.

I appreciate your running with my metaphor, but could you please try to avoid running into a brick wall?

Watch out when handling my wit: it’s sharp.

He reminds me of Sylvester Stallone as Rocky. Do you know Rocky? From the movie Rocky IV?

Today I went four hours, 22 minutes and eight seconds without doing anything that anybody would consider strange… except for counting how long I could avoid doing something strange, that is.

2: Want to go to lunch?
1: Sure!
2: ? … Hey, I have an idea! You want to go to lunch, right?
1: Yeah…
2: And I want to go to lunch?
1: … I guess…
2: What if we go to lunch together?

I didn’t have enough money to buy toilet paper, so I bought us all diapers instead!

In order to get creative juices flowing again, as well as posting daily, I’ve decided to start these back up again. Of course, this means that if anyone wants to join me *cough* Seth! *cough* we can start the WTF! Carnival back up again.

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  1. Seth says:

    I’m going to be highly unreliable for the next few weeks, on account of I’m working backstage for this musical, and spending an obscene amount of time out of the house. I’ll try to record everything funny I think of, however, and perhaps transfer said witticisms into digital form on a weekend.

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